Man Injects Cocaine into his Penis. It turns Black & Rots. (Yup. You read that right)

File this under cautionary tales. A dude in New York showed up at the hospital suffering excruciating pain in his groin, penis, scrotum and (oddly enough) his right foot. The 35-year-old had injected cocaine into his dick a few days before and guess what? His body didn’t like it. Okay. Still here? This wasn’t the first time! Dude is a drug addict and had done this before. A couple times! Just injected cocaine in the main vein of his love pump. Might start a list of places I wouldn’t put a needle. Let’s just say eyeball and cock are right at the top. But this time something went awry. Couple days of pain and then? Rotting dick. Dude had a rotting dick! Yup. Time for hospital.

He refused to have the rotting portion of his dick removed. Can’t blame him on that one. He refused treatment for the drug addiction, was given some antibiotics, which worked, by the way. And then he left. So, giant shout out to anti-biotics! Good job! And note to everyone everywhere: Don’t inject drugs into your dick. That seems like it should be standard knowledge, but I guess it’s not. Just say no.

Here’s the story from the NY Post if you need more.

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