Thats the Kinkiest City in America?

A recent study ranked the sexiest cities in the world. They also ranked kinkiest. Two American cities ranked high on the list with Las Vegas coming out on top. New York came in a close second in term of the U.S. We’ll chime in on these finding in a sec. The number one city for kinkiest energy in the world is… London. What in the what? London? As in London England. Kinkiest in the world. How did they reach THAT conclusion?

The study was done by the website and the criteria for seductive cities went along these lines: From strip clubs to freaky fetishes, large populations making money on OnlyFans, and restaurants serving up aphrodisiacs to set an alluring mood, these are the most seductive cities in the world to get in touch with your flirtatious side. 

As for kink, here’s what the also considered:  based on how many kinks each place has. Kinks include the number of sex events, number of people on OnlyFans and the number of porn stars named after the city.

Evidently how many porn stars are named after a city is a factor. Okay. And how many sex events? Like conventions? Of course, Vegas is going to score through the roof. Now as fun and crazy as these results are, I assure you they are no way reflective of reality. We have a hard time believing London is freakier than Berlin. Sorry. Thats a gut feeling and I’m going with it. As far as American cities are concerned; has anyone been to Phoenix? Pretty sure that’s your winner for U.S. kinkiest cities. That’s all I’ll say about that. Maybe there aren’t alot of pornstars named Phoenix. That may be a speeling thing. I always have to check that one myself every time I type it.

Here’s the link to the study. See where your town ranked.

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