The Week in Memes

You did it! You made it through another week in crazy 2022 America! For your viewing pleasure, we rounded up the week as told in memes. Enjoy!

June 15th is World Elder Abuse day. This year’s award goes to Jill Biden for performing the worst acts of elder abuse in Western Civilization.

It’s a day where we uh honor the thing with the uh the alters.

Tampons joined us in the continuing parade of pre-recession shortages. Hopefully college-educated white women are finally interested in getting Biden out of office.

Don’t think about this for too long. It can induce nausea and in rare cases, death.

In virology news, Monkeypox had been renamed because the name is “problematic” because if there’s one thing the World Health Organization (WHO) is good at, it’s making sure that dangerous diseases don’t offend the marginalized.

Other names were floated.

The Diversity Hire Biden Administration celebrated their genitals and what they do with them Pride with a show of support between the man who became a woman and then an admiral and the immigrant lesbian of color.

Smells like grease and depravity!

And ending the week on a note of hilarity. The painfully unfunny Stephen Colbert sent his crew down to the White House for what was sure to have been a “comedic” look at the January 6th committee hearings. Instead, we got real comedy as the crew was charged with illegal entry.

The Congress is a sacred institution – for me to poop on!

1 comment on “The Week in Memes

  1. Chris says:

    Colbert is nauseating. And we know he’s protected by the the Mossad, radical left, who don’t understand their tantrums will lead to swift extinction once Communism really takes over!
    History warns us: Woke won’t WORK!

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