No Man’s Sky is now available for the Nintendo Switch. You read that right.

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is available for the Nintendo Switch, following 6 years and counting of consistent developer updates that have forged this game into something rather unforgettable in the gaming landscape.

Following a downright disastrous launch in 2016, No Man’s Sky has grown into the penultimate space exploration gaming experience, complete with procedurally generated planets (18 Quintillion of them, to be precise), animals, aliens, etc. I bought and played this game at launch, and I’ll vouch for how much the experience of the game has improved.

Now that No Man’s Sky is on the switch, you can take this space exploration epic anywhere you want. Given the switch’s hardware limitations, it’s a miracle Hello Games was able to port No Man’s Sky to the switch so well. If the trailer rings true, this could end up being one of the switch’s more popular releases.

No Man’s Sky stands as a permanent reminder for the gaming industry; that no matter how bleak things may seem, if you refuse to yield; if you dedicate yourself to the vision you have in mind, you just may come out the other end having made something truly wonderful. If you’re into space exploration, buy this game.

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