Aeon Flux: Very Weird, Very Cool

Aeon Flux, an incredibly weird, but incredibly cool, science fiction series. The art style is highly stylized, wonderfully strange, and there is zero dialogue throughout the series.

Aeon Flux was created by Peter Chung. It originally appeared on MTV’s “Liquid Television” experimental animation show as a series of shorts, which later became a 10 episode series. The show itself is about a female assassin, and it’s set in the future, that’s really all I got. But trust me, it’s worth a watch!

Aeon Flux later got a comic book, film, and even video game! Peter Chung, the creator, also worked on a movie called “Animatrix” which was a series of animated shorts set in the Matrix Universe, it was produced by the Wachowskis.

Aeon Flux is very hard to describe, and I think it is meant to be that way. I think it has a lot of what modern animation is missing; the weirdness, the funk, and the blatant coolness. Aeon Flux sure is weird and it sure is cool!

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