Paul McCartney & Wings on Sunday Jams.

Cause we felt like it, that’s why. That’s how this works. We have some Paul McCartney and Wings on Sunday Jams. Wings is always a musically interesting band to come back to. Paul didn’t seem to miss a beat after The Beatles broke up. Now he had full control to do whatever he wanted sonically. Zero push back. The result? Some really good tunes. Here’s Wings on Sunday Jams.

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2 comments on “Paul McCartney & Wings on Sunday Jams.

  1. Trish David says:

    I had totally forgotten about this album. It was such good music. Thanks for playing it on your Sunday Jams, it brought back so many fun memories of back in the day. Plus, I just want to add I love the Loftus Party too! Keep up the good work!

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Yay! glad you dug it. Was going to go another way on Sunday and then it hit me: Wings! LOL! Some really great stuff.

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