We watched the first episode of Andor. Here’s our review (no spoilers)

Well, we did it. We watched the first episode of Disney Star Wars ‘Andor’. Guess what? Not hating it. In fact? Was more than a little pleased. Was it perfect? No. We have some issues. However, overall? It felt like a step in the right direction. Now, they may have completely wrecked things in episode 2 and 3. This is just thoughts on what we saw in the pilot.

Great casting overall. While I don’t think you should do a show that centered around a character who we all know dies in Rogue One. dude is a fine actor. The whole cast seems up to task with the exception of incredibly beautiful, super model mechanic girl. She seemed oddly out of place. The tone of show is a nice change of pace. Andor does feel like more of a grown-up Star Wars. The music was exceptional as well! And a huge thank you for not being set on Tatooine! Thank goodness for a new location. While some reviewers complained the show was boring, we didn’t feel that at all. Thoroughly enjoyed the pace. Zero concerns on that front. We’re ready for a different, darker tone. Take your time. We dig it.

The biggest problem so far, beyond a show about a dude who is gonna die, is the sound mix. What is up with that? Having legit issues with hearing what people are saying. Who mixed this show? Yes, you have a great score and awesome sound effects. We need to hear the dialogue though. That’s kind of important. Otherwise, we are liking the “Andor”. Will keep ya posted on episodes as we move forward. We can’t help but feel at some point Disney will royally screw it up though. That’s the track record so far. Maybe they can get out of their own way and let something good happen. Good luck, Andor.

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