Insane amount of people watch first Tucker Carlson video since leaving FOX

This is bonkers. An incredible number of views for a video message from Tucker Carlson. Just insane. It was the first time people had heard from the commentator since his departure from FOX News. We’ll link a clip you below. Now let’s talk about those numbers. The clicks. The amount of eyeballs on this thing. As of this moment, the Tucker Carlson video has over 57 million views. That’s in less than 24 hours. Those are some ‘Holy crap! numbers. Just for context, a ‘hit’ TV show will have a couple million viewers. Or less. 1.5 million people is a really strong number for television. Tucker Carlson getting 50 million plus? That’s staggering. Those are game changing numbers. Those are ‘I’ll take my viewers with me and do whatever I want” numbers. Joe Rogan looks at those and says “Dayum!” So, we’re left with this. What happens next for Tucker? Getting fired from FOX could be quite the turning point.

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2 comments on “Insane amount of people watch first Tucker Carlson video since leaving FOX

  1. Tonia says:

    I love Tucker Carlson and still trying to understand why he was fired. Was that something to do with the settlement? Big mistake for Fox. Even if he made a mistake, give him the chance to make it right. We all know he would have.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Yes! Agree with you. Still waiting to hear the reasoning behind this. Megyn Kelly was saying this morning that Fox is claiming Tucker isn’t fired!? It’s all so crazy.

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