YouTuber get prison for J6 talk. Is freedom of speech dead?

Owen Shroyer just got sentenced to federal prison over the Jan. 6th events at the capitol. He didn’t go into the capitol building. HIs crime, according to prosecutors was helping to ‘create Jan. 6th.’ How did he create it? Talking. Saying things the government didn’t like. That’s what it boils down to. Yes, Owen Shroyer is a host on Info Wars which has a presence on the internet and YouTube. Yes, apparently Mr. Shroyer thought the election was stolen. Guess what else? He’s allowed to think whatever he wants. This is America. Wherever you are on the political spectrum, you should be terrified that youtube host is going to prison for any length of time over having an opinion. This is some legit scary shit. A youtuber was found guilty in a court of law for saying the wrong thing. These are dark days for freedom of speech.

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