Victor Davis Hanson & Tucker discuss modern politics and what it all means, in this must watch video.

Take a timeout from your day and watch this video. Tucker Carlson interviews Victor Davis Hanson about the current state of politics and what it all means. It is worth your time to watch. Then ponder. Mull it all over. Give it some thought. We imagine you’ll come to the same conclusion we did: Victor isn’t lying. He’s not making up fantastical, hypothetical stories. The guy is just observing and thinking.

It’s good to have someone as soft spoken as Hanson share his thoughts slowly and methodically. It’s a big difference when you compare it to what we do on The Loftus Party podcast. However, we are both saying the same thing pretty much. These things are happening in America. You can only run and hide for so long. Eventually all of these issues will arrive at your front door. The answer? Participate. Participate across the spectrum. Get involved in local politics. Talk to your friends and encourage them. And as you turn your back to Hollywood and woke ‘entertainment’? Support the people who share your belief system and are creating new entertainment. They are out there. That Show Tonight is a great example. Subscribe.

You just can’t turn your back on the reality of what’s happening in America. What was unheard of a few years ago is very, very real. There’s no calvary that will come in and save the day. We are the calvary. Let’s go.

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