Star Wars projects for 2024. A dismal forecast.

Let’s just be honest and not waste everyone’s time. The future of Star Wars is exceptionally weak. Here’s a video from IGN about what to expect from Star Wars in 2024 and it looks like more hot garbage. We really hope we’re wrong, but damn. There’s only one project that we’re actually looking forward to and that’s Andor season 2. That’s it. Everything else looks like shit.

We won’t go down the list of each project as it would be way too depressing. Let’s just say you’ll have plenty of chances to see a lead character who suddenly is saddled with the responsibility of a kid. What a shock! Mandalorian? Obi Wan? Would Disney do it again? You bet! This time with Jude Law! Now you’re probably hoping for something with some Grrrl Power. Hold on! Here comes Star Wars Outlaws! Finally! Some damn Grrl power up in here!

Oof. It’s all such a tragic waste. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for Andor season 2. Other than that, 2024 is looking like a crap year for Star Wars.

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