This week on the ‘cast we cover the new Roaring 20s, the $1.9 TRILLION “stimulus” bill, genetic editing, Dr. Seuss, and so much more.

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And in our “What’s on the Web with Paul” segment, Michael and The Loftus Party contributing editor Paul Hair talk about films that mess with youur sense of Déjà Vu, Biden’s open borders, gaming with TLP The Guys, and mo’.

So tune in!

2 comments on “#266: Here Come the New Roaring 20s

  1. Paul Hair says:

    I’ve written about CRISPR, genetic editing, and the potential for superhuman soldiers for a few years now, including a few times here at TLP. “Human after Next” is the short story series I write featuring a superhuman soldier and other future tech.

    And back in December, I summarized some of the other writings I’ve done on the topic.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      CRISPR is super scary. Thanks for links!

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