We talk and laugh about Sleepy Joe’s hilarious Wuhan virus speech, the so-called stimulus bill, and so much more. The Loftus Party Podcast is the best show on the internet when it comes to making fun of hypocrites and the powers that be!

And in our “What’s on the Web with Paul” segment, Michael and The Loftus Party contributing editor Paul Hair talk about American military leaders attacking private citizens while simultaneously calling troops “extremists,” propaganda and polls, Oprah and the Royals, MMA fighting, and still more.

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Thanks for listening ya sexy heathens!

1 comment on “#267: Hilarious Speech from Sleepy Joe

  1. Paul Hair says:

    Inviting National Guard to train on private land next to the border is a good idea.

    Also, exactly right on how stupid it is for GOP to try to get Biden to say it’s a “crisis” on the border. He doesn’t care.

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