These ‘Doom Eternal’ 8-String Guitar Covers Are Absolutely Amazing!

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When DOOM (2016) released its harsh, metal-ish soundtrack created by sound design maestro and video game music composition genius Mick Gordon, it rocked the video game music scene. That harsh, heavy style of music within a video game had been largely unexplored up to that point. It won near-countless awards, most notably the VGA’s Best Soundtrack Award for 2016, in which Mick himself played for the audience at the show. So when Doom Eternal was announced a few years later, the whole video game music community and fans of the original Doom (2016), myself included, anxiously but patiently awaited any sort of news regarding the new soundtrack confirmed to be made by none other than Mick Gordon himself.

When Doom Eternal released earlier this year, its much harsher, heavy-metal soundtrack and spectacular fast paced gameplay absolutely floored the video game scene. However, much like all of Mick Gordon’s works, the soundtrack was not and has not yet been (as of the writing of this article) officially released on all music streaming services. Luckily enough for us video game music lovers out there, we are crafty and devious, and shortly after Doom Eternal‘s release, we had secured the entire soundtrack by ripping it straight from the game itself, allowing everyone to listen to Mick’s latest and arguably greatest work yet. (It is important to note that Mick was totally fine with people ripping the soundtrack from the game.)

Andrew Baena is a YouTuber who covers popular songs with his own metal style and a big ol’ guitar. When he got word that the Doom Eternal soundtrack had been ripped onto YouTube by fans, he wasted no time in covering the most popular songs from the soundtrack himself, with a massive 8-string guitar. He has made many outstanding covers, and I have taken the liberty to pin my favorite cover of “Cultist Base” to this article. Andrew’s work, as well as Mick Gordon’s, are critical to the survival of good video game soundtracks, as they promote creativity and confidence in the field of video game soundtracks.

If you like this cover of “Cultist Base,” I highly recommend checking out Andrew Baena’s other covers, as well as checking out the soundtracks for Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal. Thanks for reading! LTL 🙂

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