LISTEN: Red Pilled America on Why Democrats Always Win

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Normally when I link to Red Pilled America episodes, I just copy the summary of the episode and then link over to it. But Episode 70 is particularly good, and I want to point out four major things I took away from it before I link to it.

(1) Democrats Control Everything: This includes culture. And their control of culture is key as to why they are so massively successful.

(2) Sarah Palin’s True Story: The episode doesn’t focus on Palin, but it summarizes how the Democrat-controlled culture ruined her professionally and personally. Fascinating to hear the true account of it. Someone could make a compelling movie about her based on how RPA tells the story.

(3) Democrats Will Do Anything to Win—to Include Going after Your Family: Pay attention to what they did to Rep. Paul Gosar.

(4) Rep. Paul Gosar Might Be One of the Smartest Elected Republicans: He gets it. He understands that Democrats control everything. And he understands just how important culture is. He even understands how to fight back.

So with my four points out of the way, here is a link to an introduction of Episode 70 of RPA.

From Red Pilled America:

Why do Democrats always seem to get what they want?

To find the answer, we tell the story of how Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and his Chief of Staff Thomas Van Flein arrived in the nation’s capital. These two American patriots each faced unprecedented attacks from the Left…and came out with a valuable lesson.

Support RPA and listen to Episode 70—“THE RULES OF THE GAME”—by storytellers Patrick Courrielche and Adryana Cortez.

Top Image: Excerpt of artwork by Adryana Cortez.

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