LISTEN: Red Pilled America Reveals an Untold Tale about Kamala Harris

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UPDATE, Aug. 21: Parts Three & Four now available!

From Red Pilled America:

Can we tell when someone is lying? To find the answer, we follow the story of the People v. George Gage…a case that landed on the desk of then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Systemic racism is a cornerstone issue of the Democrat Party and there is possibly no better example of how Harris will impact the Black community in a potential Biden Administration than the case of George Gage – a Black man serving 70 years for a crime he claims he didn’t commit. In 2015, Harris’ team refused to release crucial evidence to Gage that many experts claim would have led to his acquittal. Red Pilled America is the only media outlet that has done a deep dive into this case, pouring over thousands of pages of court filings and evidence, and is the only outlet that has spoken directly with George Gage to get his side of the story.

This four-part series was initially published in November 2019, and includes an update to the original broadcast.

Listen to Part One here.

Listen to Part Two here.

Listen to Part Three here.

Listen to Part Four here.

Visit RPA and listen to Part 1, and Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of “LIE DETECTOR” by storytellers Patrick Courrielche and Adryana Cortez. (RELATED: LISTEN: Red Pilled America Explores the Modern Democrats)

Top Image: Artwork by Adryana Cortez.

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