Paper Mario: The Origami King Review!

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by Michael Chuchvara

Paper Mario the Origami King

Paper Mario the Origami King is the latest game in the Paper Mario series. Following the last game, Paper Mario Color Splash for the Wii U, which wasn’t very well received by fans, this game puts a new spin on the regular old turn-based combat from the other paper Mario games. Instead of having the enemies lined up in front of you for you to just stomp on them immediately, they are scattered round a circular battle field with you in the middle. When you start a fight, you will need to rearrange the circles of the battlefield to line the enemies up yourself. The puzzles are tough but fair; when you line up the enemies in a perfect line, your attacks will deal more damage. This puts the emphasis less on the fight itself and more emphasis on the puzzle.

Along with the regular fights the boss fights have also changed. Half of the boss fights are with origami creatures called ‘vullementals’ with different elemental powers and weaknesses. The other half are with office supplies that work for the main villain. In the boss fights, instead of you being in the middle changing the location of the enemy, you are outside of the circle. When you rearrange the circles, you are changing the location of arrows that Mario will follow until he reaches an attack platform. The closer you can get to the boss; the more damage Mario’s attacks will do. (RELATED: PS5: A List of Highly Anticipated Games Coming to the Console)

Besides the fighting, the game itself has a lovable cartoonish charm that makes the game a joy to play. The enemies that you fight are all origami versions of the basic Mario enemies; you save toads that have been folded into origami creations like swans, beetles, butterflies, grasshoppers, fish, and mushrooms. There are little mini bosses in forms of paper machos, which are big paper mâché enemies that you need to hit in their weak spot to defeat them. The battle music in this game is great. The level design is diverse and amazing to look at, no two levels look the same.

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