Minecraft VR for the PS4 is Great! [Mini-Review]

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Minecraft VR for the PS4 is a fun experience. I played a couple hours and had a ton of fun! The only thing different from regular Minecraft is the VR. Everything is the same; you can now just play Minecraft in VR. Plus, the VR updates is free! (REVIEW: Star Wars: Squadrons [Review])

However, I was kind of disappointed that there was no move controller support (move controllers are the wands that act as hands). Minecraft VR for computers has this and I thought it would be great for PS4 but sadly that’s not the case (maybe they will support those controllers eventually).

I had a ton of fun building my house and going to villages in VR. Nighttime was genuinely scary. Dodging through forests and escaping zombies and creepers was an exhilarating experience in VR.

Overall, I think Minecraft VR is great and I would definitely recommend you play it if you get the chance!

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