Over 80 Outstanding Books in the Thanksgiving Weekend $0.99 Book Sale!

If you’re looking for fiction from indy authors, you won’t want to miss the Thanksgiving Weekend $0.99 Book Sale (organized by the fantastic Hans G. Schantz). All the books are $0.99 or even free! Over 80 books are included and the genres they cover range from science fiction, to fantasy, to romance, to steampunk, to thriller, to alternate history, and more. You might even find a handful of nonfiction books that explore fiction-related topics. The sale runs from now through Dec. 2. (And, yes, a book featuring yours truly is included in it.) Here’s a peek at some of the titles.

eConscience Beta

by J.D.  Beckwith

Peacekeeper Incorporated’s breakthrough nanotechnology could bring repeat offense crime to an end, freeing society from the need for criminal incarcerations. But first, they have to finish testing it. With funding on the line, and time to prove out the project getting short, the lead scientist must find a way speed things up. That’s unfortunate for his guinea pig, and anyone who would stand in his way.

Can the goal of ending most crime justify committing one… even a few?

And what happens when you conflate altruism with egotism?

Find out in eConscience Beta, where two lab techs and an uncouth petty criminal must outwit a brilliant but sociopathic scientist who’ll stop at nothing to establish his legacy as the man who ended crime.

November Homecoming: A Yearly, Texas Romance

by Bokerah Brumley

When Rebecca returns to Yearly and hires a local contractor, sight unseen, she doesn’t expect to come face to face with the ex she left behind…

Rebecca Martin, a high-powered executive chef, doesn’t want her widowed mom to lose their family home, and she thinks she’s found the perfect way through.

Open a restaurant in her home town.

That way, Rebecca will achieve her lifelong dream of running a restaurant and her mom will have an income. It’s the perfect scheme. Two birds, one stone, and the best laid plan. Then she meets the contractor… her now-successful ex.

Johnny Cash Williams is the local do-it-all man. He hangs drywall and nails down roofing shingles while sporting a bushy beard and a million-dollar grin. Cash knows how to rewire a house, but he doesn’t know how to handle the sparks when his old flame returns to Yearly.

The town’s not big enough for the two of them. Yet, for the sake of both their families, the duo must learn to make things work.

November Homecoming has a touch of laughter, a few tears, and a lot of heart in a small-town, second-chance romance.

The Clown Prince of Paris

by James Dudley

Paris, 1954. A city rebuilding from war reclaims its former grandeur, but dangers lurk in the shadows as battle lines are drawn for a new type of conflict.

Up-and-coming comedian Tommy Malloy is preparing for the biggest break of his career; a series of headline shows in one of Paris’s hottest clubs. With its seamless mix of slapstick, social commentary, and impeccable comic timing, his unique act is sure to be the biggest thing to hit France since the Blitzkrieg (too soon?)

But when a mysterious audience member asks Tommy for an unusual favor, he is unwittingly pulled into a series of shocking events that leaves him trapped in a deadly web of international espionage. Pursued by the KGB’s deadliest assassins with only his wits to protect him, Tommy must run for his life, improvise new identities, and put together the pieces of a sinister plot that threatens to shatter a precarious peace.

A continent stands on the brink of World War III, and a B-list celebrity from Philadelphia is the only one who can stop it.

The Dream of the Iron Dragon: An Alternate History Viking Epic

Saga of the Iron Dragon Book 1, by Robert Kroese

Trapped 1300 years in the past, they have one mission: survive.

In the 23rd century, humanity has been hunted to the verge of extinction by an alien race. When an exploratory ship accidentally travels back in time to Viking age Scandinavia, the human race is given a second chance. Pursued by the power-hungry King Harald, the four surviving crew members join a ragtag band of Vikings as they pillage their way across Europe. It will take all their ingenuity, courage and technical know-how just to survive. But survival is only the beginning. To save humanity, they must somehow return to the stars.

Thus begins a decades-long effort to teach the Vikings to build a craft capable of reaching space—a ship that will come to be known as the Iron Dragon.

Click over to Hans’s website for the full list of titles. There’s so much to choose from and you’ll have plenty to read for the next few months! (RELATED: 8 Books & Counting in M. A. Nilles’s Forgotten Worlds Space Opera Series)

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