Kate Upton & Aruba. Nuff Said. [VIDEO]

It’s a veritable who’s who list of swimsuit models in this clip from Sports Illustrated. Kate Upton, Alexis Ren and more. Just having fun in the sun and looking amazing.

That always a good thing. Fun. Sun. Beaches. All of it. We’re only a few days into December and I can’t get enough of these clips. It’s cold and grey outside. The sun goes down 2 minutes after it comes up. Just a recipe for some big time blahs. (RELATED: Marisa Miller: One of ‘S.I.’s’ 50 Greatest Swimsuit Models [VIDEO])

So, we gotta remember: summer will return. It will be awesome. Gotta keep that hope alive! Eye’s on the prize and all that good stuff. And if every once in a while you click on a video of some crazy beautiful people looking fantastic on a beach where you wish you were right this very instant…so be it. Click away. It’s a mini vacation for yo mind! Enjoy. Hang in there.

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