Internet Genius: Lingerie Studio, Episode 1 [VIDEO]

We gotta give it up for the creators of Lingerie Studio. They know what they like and they’re not shy about it. Lingerie. Good looking women in lingerie.

Here’s why we call them internet geniuses: They went for it! They just started a YouTube channel and started posting! We love the optimism! I have no idea where this video was recorded. Zero clue as to who the designer is. There’s also no mention of who the models are. Yet here the clip is in all its glory. (RELATED: Kate Upton & Aruba. Nuff Said. [VIDEO])

Just for fun I’ll include the description on the video, fittingly titled “Episode 1:”

Uploads a variety of lingerie shows around the world every week. This week’s episode1 is black see through lingerie. have a good time.

Come on! There’s a brutal honesty that I dig. Just.. blam. Good job Team Lingerie Studio! Let’s hope in the future they let us in on the basics–ya know: who, what, when and where. But until then? Have a good time.

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