Cornelia Grimsmo Talks the Talk & Swims the Swim [VIDEO]

We gotta admit, we dig Cornelia Grismo…. There, we said it. Ha! Very cool. (REPORT: Russian Women Love Being Beautiful)

Cornelia Grimsmo is living the life. YouTuber, vegan, Instagrammer, etc. She’s got a thriving social media presence and we dig it. Pretty sure that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Interesting people doing interesting things get attention. Cornelia is interesting! Born in Norway, moved to the Philippines, then back to Norway, she shares her exercise tips and travel vids as well as other stuff like swimming in the ocean in winter.

That’s what grabbed our attention for this video. It’s sounds like the kind of thing you SAY you’re gonna do…”I’m going to go swimming every month. All year long. No matter what.”…aaand then ya never do it. You blow that shit off right around September. HA! But hats off to Cornelia. She did it. That’s pretty cool in our book. So if you’re into vegan travel exercise swim videos? Give her a follow. Seems cool.

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