Genie Bouchard: Amazing in Aruba [VIDEO]

Canadian Genie Bouchard is getting it done in style! The tennis superstar is living her best life. Why just do one thing when you can do two so damned well?! A Junior Wimbledon Champ in 2012, she is still tearing it up in the pro tennis world. So why not model too? Yes! Go for it! (RELATED: 2020’s Top 15 Sexiest & Most Famous Models [VIDEO])

Lucky for us Genie did a photoshoot for Sports Illustrated in 2018. Very nice. We dig it. Big shout out for the Wonder Woman top. Waaaay before it was cool mind you. So let’s add a third thing: trend setter! Boom.

We hoping Genie has a great 2021 tennis season and who knows, maybe a return to SI as well!

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