Take a Break and Decipher these Music Meme Riddles

We are less than a week into 2021, and people are already flooding onto social media to make the world even dumber, from “amen and awomen” to continued mask fights, when really they should be using Twitter and Instsagram for their true purposes: silly music memes. (RELATED: Catchy Songs for Imperfect Years)

Before we charge into what is already turning out to be a crazy January, sit back, take a break, and use our silly puzzle brain skills to laugh at these musical references compiled from the most boffo of the meme world. You really don’t have to think too hard, because I provided the answers for the first three in music video form.

First, try not to sing this ditty for the rest of the day:

Did you guess the rock blues ear worm? It was made famous by a band called Ram Jam, but here’s a gritty 2009 version by Spiderbait:

Next, take a trip back into the 80s for this one that has been circulating for some time:

My friends and I did a lip synch contest to this song in high school…because the 80s, but we lost out to a bunch of guys pretending to be Los Tigres del Norte. If you ever think what you did in high school was cringy, somewhere out there are photos circulating of me channeling Boy George in a hat my grandma bought me…and I rocked it:

Because some songs…and actors never seem to age:

Pinterest and clickbait sites are a meme treasure trove, and here’s one from one of the greatest rock bands ever. Writer Neil Gaiman once said in an interview that a friend (I think it was Terry Pratchett) told him if you leave any CD in your car long enough it will eventually turn into Queen’s Greatest Hits. I think he’s right.

For lovers of Belafante…or “Beetlejuice:”

There are several variations on this favorite singalong, but I liked this one best:

…and then there’s the “Ducreuxs”:

Eighteenth century painter Joseph Ducreuxs likely never thought his painting Portrait de l’artiste sous les traits d’un moqueur would ever become a favorite meme of people trying to give modern rock, pop, and hip-hop more educated commentary. Here are some I’ll make you guess on your own:

I learned long ago your brain is always at work, and if you don’t focus it on fun every once in while, it can be overwhelming. Sometimes we just need a little punny enjoyment with a can of bramble jam and an enlightened lizard.

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