Kate Bock Wearing Nothing but String [VIDEO]

There’s good looking and then there’s “you’d look good even if you just wore string” good looking. Canadian Kate Bock falls into that second category. And we dig it!

Granted, it is more than just string…it’s a string-based swimsuit. But aren’t all swimsuits string based? Philosophically speaking, don’t we all look good in just string? Sorry. Bit of a tangent there. Let’s put it this way: Not many people look as amazing as Kate Bock does in this particular string. Whew. That’s better. (RELATED: Genie Bouchard: Amazing in Aruba [VIDEO])

Kate has been a mainstay in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue since 2013 and every appearance is better than the last. But we’ll always be fond of the string shoot as it made us think a bit deeper about strings and who looks good wearing them.

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