Something You Should Know: You’re Pure Evil


This is how the Right is perceived now: pure evil. I realized this a while ago but it’s time you found out too. This is where we are. This is the harsh reality. The people on the other side of the political aisle believe you are the worst of the worst.

The sooner you come to grips with this, the sooner (hopefully) we can move past it. But for right now, your friends on the Left feel justified in doing whatever they can to stop you because they are convinced you are a racist. You’re a terrorist. You’re a Nazi. You are sub-human. You are a monster and you need to be stopped. And no one feels bad about fewer monsters. In fact, fewer monsters is a good thing!

This has been coming for years. When Trump supporters were chased down and beaten in the streets in 2015, no one condemned it. Why? Because that is what they wanted. People who wear MAGA hats should be afraid because a MAGA hat is right up there with the Nazi Swastika.

The media said Reagan was worse than Hitler, both Bush presidents were portrayed as war criminal, Hitler types. The Left is very good at vilifying people they don’t like. Donald Trump got the same treatment but times 100. With selective editing and out of context quotes, the media had a field day. It wasn’t enough to portray him as brash or inexperienced. They made him out to be pure evil. That means his supporters are too.

I don’t choose the word “evil” lightly either. I mean EVIL. The narrative coming from the media and the Left was, “Trump is a racist who wants to harm all people of color. He’s also on the side of the Russians and he will end up getting us into World War 3.” (RELATED: Grabien Montage: ‘Media: Yes, Violence Is the Answer’ [VIDEO])

If you were on the other side and and you legitimately thought that was true, you’d do anything to stop it. And that’s the problem. The media was too successful with their anti-Trump propaganda. Tens of millions of Americans now truly believe it. They are full of righteous anger. They are on the side of good. This isn’t about political differences. They think that the 74 million people who voted for Trump are an evil that must be stopped.

So they do not care that the president was kicked off Twitter. They like it. They don’t worry about the end of freedom of speech, they celebrate it. They know that there are 2 sets of rules when it comes to breaking the law and mob violence. They do not care because in their minds they are ridding the country they love of evil. And you can justify anything when you are cleansing evil. Anything.

Kick you off social media. Attack your home. Attack your family. Chase you from restaurants. End your career. Stop you from banking. Stop you from making money. Physically harm you. End you.

I’m only writing this as a heads up. Just so people can be aware. I’m not sure how this may affect your day-to-day life but I thought you should know. None of this is rational. Violence is not the solution. If someone you cared about was this delusional you’d try to be patient and honest and hope for the best. That’s what I’m going to do. Keep telling jokes. Keep making fun of hypocrites and idiot “powers that be.” But I doubt I’ll ever walk down the street alone wearing a MAGA hat. Someone will bash my head in with a brick and everyone will celebrate one less evil piece of shit on planet Earth. Even though I’m just a guy who thinks we are all created equal, wants less government, lower taxes and believes that capitalism lifts more people out of poverty than any other “ism.”

Good luck everybody. Them’s the apples.

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  1. Linda Linn says:

    Excellent article. I truly appreciate your approach on how to handle the current situation in America. I.e., “Keep telling jokes. Keep making fun of the hypocrites and idiots…”. Bottom line, proceed with caution and continue to live your life. Everyone needs to read this. Thank you.

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