Do Yourself a Favor & Check Out Shakey Graves

Dang! Let’s go! How about this guy?! Shakey Graves. That’s what he goes by just in case you’re wondering. It’s an awesome nickname. He tells the story at the beginning of the video for “Late July.”

But that’s all secondary. We are digging us some music. Let’s continue, shall we? We are into all of this. The pseudo throwback sound, the rhythms, the fact the dude has a kick drum on suitcase. All of it. Dude is like a street performer from 1936 and we like it. (RELATED: Catchy Songs for Imperfect Years)

Hoping to hear more and more from this Austin, TX native. Keep going. Keep it weird. Keep it original. In other words, just keep doing what you’re doing. The video for “Roll the Bones” was released in 2013 and we’re late to the Shakey Graves bandwagon, but hot damn. We are here now. Let’s go.

(Word of advice to all agent and manager types: Don’t try to steer this guy. Just let him go and hang on. Let the music do the talking. Everything else will take care of itself.)

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