New Episode of ‘Whiskey Business’ Is Here [VIDEO]

Dino Tripodis and his gang of misfits are back for an all new episode of the Whiskey Business podcast. What shenanigans do they have in store this week and what are they drinking? These are important questions!

It’s a prediction show! Woo hoo! Here’s the official promo.

Billy Demora returns to address some of his rather accurate predictions that came to fruition the last time he joined us and also speculates on the weeks and months to come in respects to sports, politics and life as we live it in these still uncertain days.

We also opened our 151st bottle on the show: Heaven Hill 7 year Bottled in Bond. That wasn’t predicted so much as planned. A great bottle if you venture out of Ohio and find one. We have high hopes and expectations for 2021 and we sincerely look forward to getting back to something that smacks of normalcy with all of you along for the ride. Thanks for sticking with us and…cheers! (RELATED: New Episode of ‘Whiskey Business’ [VIDEO])

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