Lingerie Models in Slow Motion. Because Why Not? [VIDEO]

It’s an idea so simple that it borders on genius. It’s definitely brilliant. We’ll go with that. Genius is over used. But it’s legit brilliant. Lingerie models in slow motion! <Slaps forehead> Why didn’t WE think of that? It’s so simple! It was there the whole time! We missed it.

Fortunately for us the good people at Lingerie Studios are all over it. They are on the case and are bringing the fruits of their labor to the internet. These are the same people who had the foresight to start a YouTube channel solely dedicated to lingerie. That should be enough. That’s hall of fame level smart. But they took it to another level: lingerie models in slow motion. Holy crap. And this is their second installment in the slow motion series! How did we miss episode one?! I blame a misguided media. Get your priorities straight. (RELATED: Episode 3 from Lingerie Studio [VIDEO])

Again, we have no idea of who the designer is. Zero clue as to the models. That’s not what what matters to the video creators. They just want us to know this video is about lingerie models in slow motion. Isn’t that enough?

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