Episode 3 from Lingerie Studio [VIDEO]

We haven’t forgotten about the ambitious peeps at Lingerie Studio. A few weeks ago we brought you episode one and we’re going to stick with it!

To get you all caught up, someone somewhere had the genius idea of a Lingerie YouTube Channel. Looking at the description maybe it’s a Korean channel? Chinese? I’m not sure and I’m lazy. Not going to do a bunch of research. Anyway, these cats just put up videos of lingerie shows! Boom. Done. So far I’ve seen zero info about designers or models…nada. And that’s ok. (RELATED: Kate Bock Wearing Nothing but String [VIDEO])

The title of episode one was something like “Black See through” okaaaay. Well they get points for truth in advertising. So here’s episode three: “Lingerie of Various tastes.” Yup. Seems about right. Yes I skipped episode two. It featured a model in a sheer cape. Nope. No capes. Hard pass. So here’s episode three.

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