I Want Korean Ham, Cheese & Egg Toast. Now. [VIDEO]

There are food combos that are so powerful they cut across all cultures. They don’t know about politics or borders. They are just so damned delicious that people embrace them. That’s the power of eggs, ham and cheese. Somebody should get a Nobel prize. Just sayin’.

Depending on where you live you have some idea of the power and straight up goodness of the breakfast sandwich. Yes, we all like an Egg McMuffin for time to time, but an old school breakfast sandwich just hits different.

On the East Coast you can get a bacon, egg and cheese or some variation at any neighborhood deli. They are everywhere and they are outstanding! As they should be. How do you fuck up a sandwich with flavors that strong? It’s almost impossible.

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That’s why we want the Korean version so bad! What’s that sauce? Is it sweet? Is it spicy? Either answer would be correct! I’m intrigued and I need answers! Feels like the best way to get these answers is to go to Korea and get one. It would be worth it.

Editor’s note: I looked up some recipes and decided not to add links. The New York Times recommends putting shredded cabbage in their version. What the fuck is wrong them? No. Just no. Cabbage on a breakfast sandwich is a sin. If you do this you have issues. Please seek help immediately. You have issues and you need professional help. NO CABBAGE. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Now let’s watch the video of how you do it right. Extra points awarded for white bread.

I wasn’t kidding about the cabbage thing. Don’t do it. EVER.

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