An America Founded by Pirates & Other Alt History in ‘The Devil’s Dictum’

David and Katie Roome run Periapsis Press. In addition to promoting David’s fiction, they also publish long-form reviews of short stories and novels from indie authors. Better still, they only publish reviews of works they enjoy. It’s a fantastic idea and everyone should bookmark the site. Periapsis Press’s latest review is of The Devil’s Dictum, by Frederick Gero Heimbach.

From Periapsis Press:

This review contains minor spoilers.

The Devil’s Dictum is a satirical alternate history featuring a United States founded by pirates and propagated into a country of wickedness more playfully crude than baldly evil. This stand-alone novel crafts a coherent and exciting story out of glittering fragments of our history.

Click over to PP for the rest, and for the link to buy The Devil’s Dictum.

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