The Lingerie Bowl. What Happened? [VIDEO]

How about those highlights, huh? That was from Lingerie Bowl VII. There is no Lingerie Bowl this year. So what happened?

Here’s our opinion: No one cares. For a lot of reasons. For starters, where’s the fucking lingerie? There’s no lingerie. Can we sue for false advertising? I was told there would be lingerie. It’s in the title! That’s what I clicked on. I certainly didn’t click on, “Here’s some girls in shoulder pads.” I’m not interested in that. At all.

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Once upon a time, someone had a good idea for counterprogramming to the Super Bowl: The Lingerie Bowl. Sexy ladies running around in lingerie. They would also kind of play and someone would keep score. This idea has now morphed into the Legends Football League. WTF?

Congratulations! You eliminated the thing that made you special! All hail the brainiacs!

So there’s no more Lingerie Football League…it’s Legends Football League…there’s a season and everything. It’s this: ladies playing football like dudes…Ok…good luck with that. Pretty sure an actual Lingerie Bowl would do way better in ratings but you do you. Maybe there’s a market for this…somewhere? We doubt it.

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