Detroit Style Pizza? Hell, Yes. [VIDEO]

Who knew Detroit style pizza was even a thing? We were asleep at the switch, but we are wide awake now! Holy shit, did you watch that video? I’m all in and ready to go.

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I’m personally a fan of the “toppings on the bottom” style of pizza making. It seems a little gimmicky but it can be super tasty. The thickness of the crust makes all the difference. In the case of Detroit style? I will allow it.

Also, it seems like the sauce is going to have a little more kick. Again, yes! Bring the heat, Detroit. I will allow it.

What I was prepared to write off as a cheap, “Look at me, I’m Detroit, and I make weird pizza,” publicity stunt has turned into a, “Holy crap I want that!” reckoning.

My sincere apologies, Motor City. Looks like you have an outstanding pizza. Shame on me for judging. Now I gotta get one of those special pans. I’m making this!

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