What’s Chapping Our Ass Today

Here’s some things that are kinda rubbing me the the wrong way. In no particular order. Chapping our ass may be an understatement. But “chapping our ass” has a better ring to it than “pissing me off” and better describes the level of irritation. Here ya go.

The NYT is retracting it’s story about the policeman who they reported was killed by a Trump supporter. Let me put on my shocked face. How many people across the country think this guy was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher by someone in a MAGA hat? But now they’re retracting it. Will millions of people learn the truth? We doubt it.

Millions in Texas are without power because half of the wind turbines froze. Huh. It’s almost like wind turbines are unreliable and we shouldn’t count on them to create power for things like…heating your home so you don’t freeze to death.

Remember when everyone in the media was flipping out over all the deaths in NY nursing homes caused by Gov. Cuomo’s policies? Oh yeah, that’s right, that didn’t happen. They gave him an Emmy. Well, things haven’t changed much except now there’s even more evidence of a crime and a cover up. Even Dems are calling for a probe into the scandal, but the big news outlets are still basically ignoring it. One would almost think they were covering for the governor. At least the NY Post is covering it.

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That’s all for now. Might start doing this on a more regular basis. Kind of a “heads up” for stories that are underreported. Good idea? Bad Idea? Let me know what ya think.

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2 comments on “What’s Chapping Our Ass Today

  1. Amanda Wilson says:

    Good idea….keep everyone apprised of the truth!

  2. Rebecca Cummings says:

    They are pouring jet fuel on them to deice them… Great Green New Deal

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