BREAKING: ‘Crusader’ Is Now My Official Mascot

Institutions all around us are rushing to disassociate themselves from all sorts of persons, places, things, and ideas so as to be in compliance with the religion of wokeness. And in doing that, they’ve inspired me to go in the opposite direction. So I’m making “Crusader” the official mascot of me.

Valparaiso University recently announced that it was abandoning its Crusader mascot because it has “negative connotations.” No complaints from me about this. In fact, Valparaiso should also probably abandon any other imagery related to Christianity.

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Meanwhile, I’m going to go ahead and adopt “Crusader” as my official mascot. After all, I want to be associated with all the positive connotations and imagery that it brings with it.

So that’s that. “Crusader” is now my official mascot.

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