‘Toot Fairy’ Author Had a ‘Gas’ Writing Children’s Book

Mark Huffman and I have known one another for a few years. He’s a full-time medical doctor but in his spare time (if you can believe that) he’s also an author. And his latest work is a children’s book, with wonderful illustrations by Dawn Davidson, that just came out earlier this month. It’s called Toot Fairy and it’s about exactly what you think it’s about. Here’s a quick Q&A I did with Mark about the book and some of his forthcoming projects.

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Paul Hair: What inspired you to write a children’s book about a “tooting” fairy?

Mark Huffman: I don’t remember the exact moment my brain thought of the “toot fairy” pun. I think one of my kids must’ve said something. However it happened, at some point on the first leg of our family drive from Texas to Florida for summer vacation a few years ago, I got it into my head that a poem about a toot fairy, rather than a tooth fairy, would be a real gas to write. I wrote the entire thing on my phone while my wife took a turn driving between Louisiana and Mobile. It turned out rather wonderfully. I tried it on my kids, who cracked up, then my nieces and nephews and in-laws, who cracked up, and I suspected I had stumbled upon something special.

PH: What did your wife think of the idea and what does she think of the final book, including Dawn Davidson’s illustrations?

MH: She was amused despite herself. She’s not a potty humor kind of gal, but the execution was so good that she was obliged to grudgingly admit to its hilariousity. She loves Dawn’s illustrations.

PH: What writing projects are you working on next and when can readers expect to see them published?

MH: My big, looming, intimidating writing project is to finish book three in my Antediluvian trilogy. Forty thousand words down, and I’m hoping to really make some serious headway through the spring and summer. Cover art is nearly done, again by the excellent Lucas Graciano. (Fallen, the second book, is getting a mass-market paperback rerelease this year, just as Leviathan did last October.)

On the children’s side, my next two books—Cheesemaker Durdsden and Billan the Bard—are already illustrated and in various stages of production. They’ll be coming out in May and the fall, respectively. If these are successful, my publisher and I already have the next three children’s books teed up to go for 2022, with about fifteen more written and waiting for their turns.

‘Cheesemaker Durdsden’ by Mark Huffman and Dawn Davidson.

PH: Will you finish book three of The Antediluvian Legacy before George R. R. Martin finishes that series he’s been working on forever?

MH: If I don’t finish my trilogy before GRRM finishes his series, it’ll be the biggest professional failure of my life. Expect it in 2022!


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