‘Domino’ Is a Cat’s ‘Tale of Courage, Strength, and Love’

Domino is a cat living the good life on a farm. But all that changes when another cat enters the scene and upsets his world with newcomers and strange ideas. Soon, he finds himself in a struggle for survival. Domino is an exciting tale that children and adults alike will enjoy. And The Loftus Party had the opportunity to speak with author Kia Heavey about it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The author of this post and Kia Heavey are both members of the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance.

Kia Heavey (HEE-vee) first published Domino in 2015 through Kindle Press. Readers enjoyed it and it won a Kindle Scout award. Heavey recently reacquired the rights to her book, lightly re-edited it, produced a new cover for it, and is relaunching it at $0.99 through the month of February. (After that, it will go to its regular price of $2.99.)

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Here’s a little bit more about the book, after which we’ll go straight into the Q&A with Heavey.

Domino has always relied on tooth and claw to keep the barnyard vermin-free. When he’s not on patrol, his main concerns are prowling with housecat friends and trying to impress the mysterious, lethal female who lives in the nearby woods.

When a brilliant and charismatic tom moves into the neighborhood, purring strange notions and introducing new “friends,” Domino soon learns there’s no way to bite or scratch a poisonous idea. As the evil grows, once-proud felines renounce their very identities in fear, life-long friends become unrecognizable, and the natural order is turned upside-down. Locked in a deadly rivalry, Domino must rely on his wits to save his family, his territory, and a time-honored way of life from the bloody scourge that descends.

A tale of courage, strength, and love, DOMINO is a bracing tonic for a world gone mad.

The Loftus Party: What inspired you to write Domino and why do you think it resonated with readers (it currently has 70 mostly positive ratings on Amazon)?

Kia Heavey: Domino is my anthropomorphic exploration of the cultural changes the Left foists on the rest of us and how these new ideas butt up against established culture as well as reality. In some situations, these new ways of thinking don’t cause any harm. But in other situations, it turns out there are real reasons for doing things the way they’ve “always” been done. I think of traditions as best practices, honed and handed down over millennia of societal experimentation and experience. So anyone who thinks they’ve suddenly discovered something so much better usually either isn’t thinking critically or has an agenda. And unfortunately, comfortable people have a way of forgetting the lessons of hard times in the past.

TLP: Is it a challenge to find time to fit writing in with the rest of your life or do you have that all figured out?

KH: One of my favorite formulas for writing success is: Ass in seat. What works for me is figuring out a time of day when I generally have an hour to myself, then making myself sit down and work for that hour. While I was writing Domino, I had an hour of free time after the man went to work and the kids to school and before I had to log into my day job. However, I don’t begin the actual writing part of the process until I have the story’s main points and outline worked out in my head.

TLP: What works of fiction do you have on the horizon, and where can people follow you online?

KH: I’m ashamed to say I have no novel-length works on the horizon at this time. I currently spend most of my free time co-moderating the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance network on MeWe, and I invite all right-leaning readers and writers to come join us! You can follow me on MeWe and on Gab: @KiaHeavey


Kia Heavey’s Domino is available now at Amazon.

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