Songs to Make those Panties Drop on Sunday Jams

Hope you’re having a great Sunday wherever you are. Maybe it’s raining. Maybe it’s snowing. Maybe you just want to get busy. Good plan. If so, you’re going to love today’s picks. Songs to make those panties drop. Skadoosh!

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Al Green is the man. Just the perfect blend of soul, sex and heartache. If you’ve never heard his greatest hits album…I feel sorry for you…and your significant other. But now you know. Al Green’s greatest hits is so powerful it could be considered mind control. Science is baffled by the amount of heat it generates.

This is as close to a no-brainer you will ever hear. Put this album on. Dim the lights and prepare for goodness. And the “dim the lights” thing isn’t a requirement. This album is so strong it will work in broad daylight. So this Sunday if ya wanna get your freak or your romance on? Here’s Al Green.

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