Intellectual Stimulation for Awesome Women

Happy International Women’s Day.

I have to be honest here. I don’t usually acknowledge this day because I’m a woman every day, and happy with that fact all the time.

Life is what you make it for the most part, you know.

As everyone seems to be posting their expected “Celebrate Women” posts, who am I to shun my own gender?

However, all those pictures of stern-faced women in history bring me bad memories or cranky Ms. Thominson in my church’s pre-K. Ergo, when everyone is saying, “It’s International Women’s Day: Celebrate Women,” I’m going in a different direction.

“It’s International Women’s Day! Women! Let’s Celebrate!”

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Since I can’t reach out to my awesome women friends and readers everywhere with actual goody bags, I give you some intellectual and visual stimulation for strong and successful women in all disciplines.

For all those women who love American and world history, here’s the story of the Naked Gunner, a true badass.

If you love science, technology, computers, PC gaming and expensive hardware, here’s actor Henry Cavill installing his gaming setup.

If you’re into the beauty of marketing, public relations and fine-tuned editing, we can’t forget the original “Man Your Man Can Smell Like” Old Spice commercial that started them all featuring Isaiah Mustafa.

If you’re a woman who values the art of marksmanship and the importance of gun safety, here’s Keanu Reeves being a beast at TTI/Sig Sauer MPX (gas-operated submachine gun) training with the help of costar Halle Berry at gun trainer to the stars, Taran Tactical.

Finally, if you’re into deep, theological discussions about the nature of Good and Evil (and who isn’t), here’s actor Tom Ellis in the brief but effective teaser for Season 4 of the Netflix series Lucifer.

Thank you to all the wonderful and wacky women in my life who have a sense of humor and a huge heart, who know what they want out of life, are happy with what they have and most of all, who appreciate a good celebration every day of the year.

Love you all.

6 comments on “Intellectual Stimulation for Awesome Women

  1. Michael Loftus says:

    Great stuff. Just a little hurt that I wasn’t included. HA! (note to self: need tasteful nudes)

    1. Lisa Kay says:

      A mere oversight, sir…

  2. Paul Hair says:

    Fighting in the nude reminds me of the soldier in Afghanistan who was fighting in his underwear. (I apologize for the link to the distasteful NBC News, but it was the best link I found.)

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Awesome. thanks for link

    2. Lisa Kay says:

      Don’t forget the Spartans! Little red undies not included.

      1. Michael Loftus says:

        I like the way you think. This. is. SPARTA!!

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