Dog Runs for Mayor. Wins.

Raise your hand if you just knew this was in California before you even clicked. With a title like, “Dog Runs for Mayor. Wins,” it had to be. But we will give credit where credit is due. It’s a pretty good publicity stunt.

We do have issues, though. He won for life? This good boy is mayor for life? That seem dangerous. What do they do when he refuses to learn new tricks, as is usually the case with old dogs? Hopefully he’ll step down gracefully when he realizes he’s no longer fit to serve. But until then, let’s wish dog mayor the best of luck.

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Hope you enjoyed this Daily Dose of Internet clip. We dig ’em.

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2 comments on “Dog Runs for Mayor. Wins.

  1. Paul Hair says:

    The dog looks very haughty in the thumbnail. Looking down his nose and everything.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      That’s the look when you’re elected for life! Unconstitutional! LoL

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