Erin Go Bra-Less! Well, Sheer Anyway.

It was way past time to check in with Lingerie Studios and their YouTube channel dedicated to lingerie. Then we remembered, it’s St Paddy’s day. Then, having Irish puns on the brain, we decided to go with an Erin go bra-less pun…yeah…sorry about that.

Then we realized how tough that pun would be to pull off. Right? We bit off more than we could chew as they say. For comedy to work we’d need some source material that really went beyond what they have on YouTube.

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Then we remembered Lingerie Studios! They came through again! Sheer lingerie. We dig it. Even if it wasn’t a play on an Irish phrase we’d still be bringing you all this white, sheer, awesomeness. Sadly, we have no idea who the designer is. The lads at Lingerie Studios don’t seem to have that on their list of priorities. However, we wish we knew. This stuff is fantastic. And the bra necklace combo one the first model? That was over the top goodness.

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