YouTubers Sail to Naturist Island & Make Us Jealous

We always like to start with giving credit where credit is due. This title is perfect: “YouTubers Sail to Naturist Island & Make Us Jealous.” That encapsulates things perfectly. The levels of envy and jealousy are extremely high! LOL!

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These two people are brilliant! They have a very successful YouTube channel. Know what they do? Sail around and have a great time, plus make some decent dough from ad revenue on YouTube. They are making a career out of doing things most people only do on vacation! It’s outstanding!

The channel is Barefoot Sailing Adventures and we dig it. They have a boat and they go to cool spots. Tada! The end. How fantastic?!

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This week they sailed to a cool spot called Passage Key in SW Florida. It’s a naturist (nudist) hang out off the coast of Tampa. So they went there and had an awesome time getting naked in some beautiful water surrounded by even more gorgeous views and nature. Did I mention this is how they make a living? Sailing around and having fun? I think I might have.

Did I also mention how jealous I was? Think I did. What a great thing. Good for these two.

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