50 Years Ago This Was a Wasteland & One Man Changed Everything

I would call this a “must watch” video. 50 years ago this was a wasteland and one man changed everything. I’d also admit the headline plays a little “loosey goosey” with the term “wasteland.” But in the big scheme of things I’m okay with it. Because this video is about the big scheme of things and this guy made a huge difference. He turned a wasteland into an oasis.

This dude did it. He turned this stretch of land into an oasis and we couldn’t dig it more. What really impressed me was he didn’t introduce water from an outside source. He used the naturally occurring rainfall. That’s huge. Just by planting the native grasses it dramatically changed the land utilized by the water. Mind. Blown.

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I dig wild spaces. I really dig nature. It would be insanely naïve to think there’s a one size fits all solution to the challenges of conservation. Every landscape is different. With that in mind, I just have to wonder how many other “wastelands” would benefit to a return of natural or prairie grasses. I have it on good authority America used to have quite a bit. HA!

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A while back I did a video about the Trillion Tree Initiative that President Trump got on board with. It’s a super effective way to eat up CO2 and make oxygen. A solution to “climate change” that gets little to no press. Weird…almost like it’s being ignored…wonder why? Could it be that some people don’t really want a solution? They just want an excuse for more power and control? But I digress.

Let’s do more of what this guy did. Let’s take a good look at the land and not rush to build dams or pipes. The solution could be as simple as planting some wild grasses and trees. It’s smart. It’s cheap. It benefits everyone and it’s beautiful.

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2 comments on “50 Years Ago This Was a Wasteland & One Man Changed Everything

  1. Paul Hair says:

    You’re right about the liberal use of the word “wasteland.” What he actually did is transform a natural environment to a different one that he wanted. Interesting video, though.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      found it incredibly interesting. By switching back to prairie grass he got such an amazing result!

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