Take My Money! Optimus Prime Robot Transforms ALL BY ITSELF!

The dream has become reality. An Optimus Prime robot that transforms all by itself. But wait…there’s more! Does it operate in vehicle mode? Yes! Fuck, yes, it does!

This thing is insane. It’s what Transformer fans have been waiting for for years. Now it’s here. A company called Robosen Robotics partnered with Hasbro and brought this badass collectable to life. I want 3. One to keep. One to sell and one to play with.

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Watch the video and look at all the cool shit this thing does! Get the app and you can program your own moves! Insane!

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Funny how the robot dog from Boston Dynamics scares the crap out of me but I’m totally cool with a mini robot with a gun. LOL! It’s because it’s Optimus Prime baby! He’d never hurt me. He’s my friend. HA!

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2 comments on “Take My Money! Optimus Prime Robot Transforms ALL BY ITSELF!

  1. Paul Hair says:

    Pretty neat! Looks like they have a winner on their hands for toy collectors.

    Also, I totally believe that a woman is so totally excited about a Transformers toy and that Cnet isn’t just using her in the video in order to attract more viewers.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      I almost didn’t post the video due to her lame acting. We will discuss this on the podcast. I don’t believe for a second that chick ever watched ONE episode of Transformers. I doubt she could name four autobots. Shameful. (It really bugged me! LOL)

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