Best Grilled Chicken? It Just Might Be.

I was a little conflicted on this one. Am I always on the hunt for the best recipes? Yes. Do I think this could be the best grilled chicken? Also, yes. Do I find the video annoying? Again, yes. Let me explain. This recipe looks fantastic. Honestly cannot wait to try it. Who doesn’t want incredible grilled chicken that’s so easy to prepare? It’s a slam dunk, right?

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Until you realize you have to deal with Sam the cooking guy. This dude just rubs me the wrong way. He’s probably the nicest guy in the world. If I met him there’s a good chance we’d get along just fine. That being said: Dude…stop with the videos that are so completely infused with such massive levels of bullshit. For fucks sake man.

Stop with the fake “too cool for school crap.” Stop ACTING and just show us how to cook the fucking food! Stop with the totally rehearsed “ad-libs.” Stop with the fake jokes to the crew. Stop with all of it. Except the cooking.

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Just be yourself and show us how to cook. You seem really good at that. But it’s insanely clear that you really want your own talk show. That’s what you’re REALLY pitching. We don’t want that, though. We want the best grilled chicken recipe. That’s it.

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