Idea: Let’s Give Minneapolis to The Mob

As we wait for the verdict in the court case to end all court cases, I have an idea: let’s give Minneapolis to the mob. Maybe not the whole city but how about a big chunk of it? But it has to be big enough for the experiment to work. What’s the experiment? Funny you should ask.

I’m a “put up or shut up” kinda guy. I think most Americans are. So the big idea is give these people like BLM and antifa a big hunk of real estate and let ’em go bonkers! Let them run their new Utopia. Let’s see how it plays out. I’m getting bored of the game. It’s costing us lives and money and people’s livelihoods. Enough is enough. Let’s give ’em what they want.

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Right now we as a nation are trapped in a giant grey area. BLM and antifa can just work in generalities, where “everyone” is out to get them and “everyone” is the enemy. It’s them against the world. To be honest, there’s something kind of romantic about that. “It’s us against the world and we’re gonna change things!” Those kind of grandiose statements help with recruiting and fundraising. The young rebels up against the system and “the man.”

The other upside in dealing in terms of big grandiose statements? No specifics. None. And guess what? That is where their complete bullshit dream falls apart. The specifics of how to run a society. The devil is in the details you dumb fucks. So let’s give them details. Let’s give them a city to run.

Remember CHAZ? Yeah. What a success that was, right? Let’s do that on a much bigger scale. A big hunk of Minneapolis. Have fun kids! If they think they can come up with a better system than the one they presently live under? Let ’em go for it! We ALL know they will fail miserably. That’s what we need. A giant example of failure.

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We almost had one too with San Francisco and LA. Those cities were going down the shitter fast, but then the Covid relief money came rolling in to bail them out. So, now we’re left with crap-tastic cities that SHOULD have failed but now they’re being shored up with our tax dollars. The leadership of places like LA, NYC and San Fran can breath easy. They just got the greenlight to continue the scam. To continue the illusion that their policies work and aren’t total failures. So with the help of the Dems in DC the bullshit continues.

So, in light of that I think we need to turn to Minneapolis. Sorry MN. You’re it. You’ll have to be the example of how NOT to run a city. And we do that by putting antifa and BLM in charge. Let’s see what they got.

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