This Is KAOHS Swim. Dayum!

When you have a dream, chase it. When you have a vision for super sexy swimwear? Go for it! Damn the torpedoes and critics! That’s what they did at KAOHS Swim. Did you see that video? That’s swimwear with vision, man! Sparkly, military style hats…thigh-high stockings and, sure, some pretty sweet swimsuits. We liked all of it. Legit.

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Now is this for everyone? Nope. This isn’t a look for the casual beachgoer. This is a statement. Skadoosh! The people at KAOHS Swim were swinging for the fences on this line. Sometimes you hit a home run…sometimes you strikeout. We respect that. We truly do.

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Sadly, KAOHS closed shop recently, but we’ll always have this video. We’ll always have the dream of the 2019 line. It was hot. Really hot. Godspeed, KAOHS.

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