Who Would Want to Be a Cop Now?

Comedian Michael Loftus wants to know: In today’s environment, knowing what we know now…who wants to be a cop? Who can’t wait for a career in law enforcement?

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The Loftus Party always covers the news with comedy but this one is kind of concerning. Who wants to be a cop?

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We made this video in June of 2020 just FYI.

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2 comments on “Who Would Want to Be a Cop Now?

  1. Sam Fedele says:

    Great points I never thought of it from a financial stand point. It was already a thankless job now it’s impossible. Imagine the utter chaos without them, middle of the night guys are breaking into your house and there’s no one to call. It takes a special breed to still want that job.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Yeah! Absolutely nuts. And the rich people can already afford private security. This hurts the most vulnerable part of population. Thanks for being here bud!!

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