Thoughts on the Columbus Shooting

We’ll chime in here with our thoughts on the Columbus shooting. Seems like the prudent thing to do. Why post on social media and fight the censorship of Big Tech? Probably not the best way to go. Of course they’d just “hide” the content for “safety” or some other reason, so screw ’em. We’ll do it here! I’ll try to be brief.

A cop shot a girl in Columbus, Ohio. She had a knife. Not only did she have a knife, she was in the process of using it. She was in a fight with another girl and was going to stab her. So we can look at this a couple ways: Hero cop saves girl’s life…or…cop shoots girl and leave out the stabby part.

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Most media went with, “Leave out the stabby part.” That’s messed up. Why would they do that? Simple: They want people to be mad. Too bad for them the “stabby” part is now widely known and the hero cop part will eventually take over.

Guess who thinks he’s a hero cop? For starters, the girl who was about to be murdered. Bet she’s not too bummed out to be walking around on planet earth today. And me. I think he’s a hero cop. Good job. You saved a life.

To the people who say dumb shit like, “Why didn’t he shoot the knife out of her hand?” Here’s the answer: Because this isn’t a movie. This is real life. Shit happens fast. You have one second to make up your mind in a situation like this. This isn’t The Matrix, dumbass. You have one second. So you can take your, “Why didn’t he shoot her in the arm? Leg? Knife? Fingertip?” bullshit and shut all the way up.

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And while you’re shutting up I want you to think about this: What if he DID aim for the knife and MISSED? Does the bullet stop? Nope. Once again reality rears its ugly head. The bullet just goes and goes, until maybe an innocent bystander stops it with their body and becomes victim number two.

So, in conclusion: Thank you, hero cop, for saving that girl’s life!

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